Tile and Grout Cleaning

XR Carpet & Tile Cleaning, offer a professional cleaning for Tile and Grout.

We specialize in removing hard stains and dirt from all type of tile flooring and from grout.

We have the top of the line cleaning equipment and materials to get your tile shine again.

Homeowners know that cleaning tile and the grout area can be very challenging. The dirty, dingy or stained grout lines between the tile are very difficult to get clean. Regular maid cleaning and mopping of a floor pushes around the dirt and leaves a dirty detergent residue in the grout area. Detergent residue attracts more dirt, and left unattended can eventually stain the grout. XR Carpet Cleaning have the professional and powerful cleaning equipment which is designed for tile and grout cleaning. Professional technicians, with professional equipment and the right cleaning materials will get you the best cleaning you expect to get. We will get out anything you, as a homeowner, can not clean.