Air duct Cleaning



According a various researches, it has proven that air duct collects a lot dirt, dust =, pollutants and allergens every year. The tiny air ducts consist of mass of harmful bacteria, fungus and mold, etc. All this can make the indoor air quality poor. Even worse, it circulates all through the house when heating or cooling system switch on. Clear the air in your home and offer improved fresh environment to your family with efficient Air Duct Cleaning services.

We, XR Carpet are a certified professional specialize in air duct cleaning services. We offer all inclusive Air Duct cleaning by cleaning the entire ventilation system including HVAC unit, blower and evaporator coil, etc. We clean the systems thoroughly after removing the vent cover. We clean every part of the home carefully.  

Air Duct Cleaning is something that needs expertise and proficiency. We understand the worth and importance of your air duct and ventilation system for house so offer prompt and professional cleaning services. We have a team of certified professionals and technicians who know how to handle various kinds of ventilation system – regardless the size and type.

Here at XR Carpet, our technicians use only strong, top-notch and efficient air duct cleaning systems. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of latest techniques, tools and product to clean the air duct systems. Our air duct cleaning experts follow the guidelines of associated departments and authorities.   

Having your air ducts and ventilation system professionally cleaned regularly will help you to make your house energy efficient. Also, it protects your house from dryer fire.

Contact us if you notice for the following signs:

  • Dirty supply
  • Dark filtration lines on the walls, ceiling or carpet 
  • Extreme dust in home
  • Discrepancy in temperature and air flow

Call us now, we will be glad to serve you!