Mattress cleaning

Keeping your mattress clean is not so as easy as you thing it can be.       

However, you should not avoid the importance of regular Mattress Cleaning especially if you have kids and pets on your house. Regular Mattress Cleaning is even more essential if you or any of your family members have allergies like asthma, eczema, or fatigue, etc.  Usually people throw their mattresses away or some other think that they can clean their mattresses completely, but it’s not true. Your mattresses should be cleaned thoroughly by experts if you don’t want to sleep with your enemies.    

Here at XR Carpet, we can show you the difference. We start with close investigation and diagnose the problem carefully. Usually, mattresses get infected because of dust mites – we consider it an enemy for your health. It lives in every corner of home like furniture, carpets and especially mattresses. This bug feeds dead skin and leaves behind bacteria. So, it is always recommended to clean and sanitize your mattresses regularly.

We XR Carpet are well supported by a team of technicians and professionals who know how to clean your mattresses in the most effective way.  With our top-notch cleaning methods, we can wipe out the smell and stains of urine and food pieces. We use cutting-edge technology to identify and clean all types of stains on mattresses.   

Being a reputed cleaning service provider, we understand the importance of health and comfort of your family, kids and pets. This is the reason we never use chemicals or other toxins. Our treatment is an environment-friendly that is safe for your family as well as pets. Supported by a crew of skilled professionals, we are able to complete mattress cleaning process within a few hours.

Contact us for regular mattress cleaning if you really love your family, kids and pets and don’t want to sleep with your enemy. Our experts not only clean your mattresses thoroughly but also give you tips on keeping your mattresses safe from bed bugs and dead mites, etc.