Upholstery cleaning

Your upholstered furniture always workout when your kids, pets and friends are at home for long. It is not always feasible to keep upholstered furniture away from dust, pollen, stains and spots. You never realize how polluted it can really be. Let XR Carpet provide you with revitalizing upholstery cleaning that not only enhance the life of your furniture but also offer healthy environment inside the house for family.

Here at XR Carpet, we recognize that your furniture is one of the most important assets in the house. That is the reason we offer deeper, healthier and smarter upholstery cleaning services so that you can get renewed and refreshed furniture again in your house. You can trust us to get the job in right way. We have a crew of highly trained technicians who know how to clean the furniture with the highly-effective cleaning techniques.

How we work?

It all commences with an on-site analysis of your upholstered furniture to investigate the situation and settle on most suitable methods. We utilize only safe and certified cleaning products to make your fresh without spoiling fabric, color and texture. Here at XR Carpet, we are well-resourced with state-of-the-art equipment and tools that allow us to clean upholstered furniture swiftly and effectively. With right cleaning technique, we wipe out all kinds of pollutants, dust and dirt, etc. from your valuable furniture items. While cleaning the furniture, we take your comfort and health in consideration and offer you with improved air quality and environment. Call us for effective cleaning and extended furniture life.

We offer more than just Upholstery cleaning

We specialize in deodorize and safeguard your valuable furniture after every step of cleaning. Unlike other cleaning service providers, we spray the protector on furniture to protect it from stains and blemishes for long. It improves resistance power of the fabric against stains and dirt. Also, we use deodorizer to offer you with fresh, clean and pleasant feeling.

We make you assured that your furniture continues to look beautiful and clean for long! So, don’t think about replacing the furniture, call us today and get your furniture in new-like condition again. Let our professional deep clean your favorite upholstered furniture.