Water damage

People who experience flooding and storm damage should be alert about probable mold growth because of water damage and moisture. Power outages can make the condition worst by offering moist atmosphere that is perfect for mold and bacteria growth. Mold and other bacteria can lead various health hazards for the people especially those who have allergies. It can cause various health issues and allergies from minor to major. It may lead irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs and even hey fever. The sooner you call XR Carpet after water damage, the more possibilities are there to avoid mold forming under your carpet.  

Cleaning water-soaked carpets and floors is a really difficult and tiring task. If the carpet contains mud, silt, dirt and mildew, the condition can be even more complicated. So, it is always recommended to hire certified and skilled professionals to recover the water damage. Here at XR Carpet, we have a team of licensed cleaners who know how to clean the surfaces and carpets after water damage.

One a call comes in our professionals ask necessary questions or visit your place to diagnose the problem closely. Our techniques diagnose the reason of excess water and water source so that the right treatment can be offered. Also, we check the safety conditions in the building so that we can complete the work safely. Safety of our employees as well as your family is our priority so we work according to the set industry norms always. We check the underground water flow, pipe fittings and plumbing work to analyze the risk associated with your project.

After evaluating the situation of your home, we determine whether mold treatment is required or not. Our technicians will be there to help and educate you about the entire process. We dehumidify your house and properly dry water damaged areas. We also offer spot treatment wherever require. We make our clients sure about ultimate water damage recovery. Moreover we give some tips to prevent mold and bacteria growth in future.

To resolve all the doubts, we offer customer care services. You can call us any time to get more information about our services or can make an appointment with our experts for professional advice. Also, we offer free price quote of the project. Call us today to request a price quote on your project!